Can You Still Enroll in a Fuel Budget Plan in Rhode Island?

November 17, 2022

One of the most effective ways to keep your heating oil costs manageable during the Rhode Island heating season is to enroll in a fuel budget plan with Micheletti Oil. We’ve developed an affordable and convenient 12-month heating oil payment plan, and even though our budget plan payment cycle begins in June, you can enroll at any time. Keep reading to learn about how a heating oil budget plan can help you save, the best time to enroll, and the buyback plan for those who decide to sign up for reduced oil bills today.

Affordable Rhode Island Heating Oil Budget Plans

At Micheletti Oil, our top priority is to keep your Rhode Island home safe and comfortable throughout the heating season. Winter can often be a stressful time for families as they find themselves strapped with high heating bills and tighter budgets, but we’ve developed a solution. Our 12-month budget plan takes your estimated winter heating costs and divides these payments into smaller, equal monthly payments that you can pay throughout the year.

Our budget plans are the best way to secure your monthly heating oil price with greater price protection than customers may experience when paying the daily rate for fuel in the peak of the winter season. We recommend that our customers enroll in June for our heating budget plans, but we offer solutions for customers who prefer to enroll at any other time of year as well. Read the section below to learn what to expect if you decide to sign up for a heating oil budget plan during the fall or winter.

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What to Expect When Enrolling in a Budget Plan during the Fall or Winter

Missed the June window when our budget plan payment cycle began? Don’t worry. There’s still plenty of availability for you to enroll in Micheletti Oil’s cost-saving program. To take advantage of lower, more affordable fuel payments for the rest of the heating season, our customers enrolling in the fall and winter months are asked to “buy back” the payments for the previous months starting the June of that year and into the current month.

Wondering if the budget plan benefits will still make a difference in your monthly energy costs if you enroll later than June? They sure will. You’ll receive the reduced monthly heating oil costs after you catch up on the previous payments and enjoy these convenient, smaller payments for the rest of the year! To get started, contact us to enroll today.

FAQs for Heating Oil Budget Plans:

How does the budget plan work?

Heating oil budget plans are a simple way to make your winter heating costs more manageable. We’ll use our technology to predict your annual heating oil gallon usage for the year, then divide the total cost into 12 even monthly installments. You are billed for one installment a month, preventing you from bearing the brunt of high oil costs during the winter months. We recommend beginning your plan in June, but it’s just as easy to start your plan afterward by taking advantage of our buyback program to catch up on your payments.

Top reasons to enroll in a budget plan for heating oil?

Signing up for a heating oil payment plan will keep your fuel prices predictable, allowing you to budget for heating along with your other monthly payments. Plus, budget plans can help you accurately plan for your costs rather than facing the unknown when winter rolls around.

What happens if I use too much fuel?

Not to worry. If you need more oil than our technology projected, you’ll simply be billed at the daily cash rate on the day of your deliveries. To check daily fuel rates at any time, just give us a call at (401) 946-5055. We are more than happy to help you.

What about if I use less fuel oil than predicted in my budget plan?

Have leftover gallons? We’ll automatically credit any surplus balance right back to your account. You can use this credit toward your next heating service appointment or apply it to the following year’s heating oil payment plan and be ahead of the game!

How do I enroll in a heating oil budget plan?

To enroll in our heating oil budget plans, contact Micheletti Oil, and request to join! While you can enroll at any time of year, we recommend June as the perfect starting point. That way, you can enjoy pre-season pricing and take care of your oil bills before the first cold day of fall.

Ready to Make Heating Costs More Affordable? Micheletti Oil Is Here to Help

Is a heating oil budget plan the right choice for your Rhode Island home and your winter heating budget? We think so! To get started with the cost-saving benefits that our plans offer, reach out to us. Have any questions about our convenient heating oil payment plans, reliable oil delivery, expert heating service, or anything else? Give our office a call today at (401) 946-5055, or contact us here to get in touch with Micheletti Oil.