Our Rhode Island Heating Oil Budget Plans

Micheletti Oil Service loves keeping your Rhode Island home a safe and comfortable place for your family. Our customer base has a wide range of preferences when it comes to their home heating budgets, which is why we’ve developed a 12-month heating oil payment plan to disperse your heating costs throughout the year.



Heating Oil Budget Plan Q&A

How does an oil budget plan work?

It’s simple! We recommend starting your budget plan in June. We’ll use technology to predict your annual heating oil gallon usage for the year, then divide the total cost into 12 even monthly installments. You are billed for one installment a month, preventing you from bearing the brunt of high oil costs during the winter months.

Why should I enroll in an oil budget plan?

While we always aim to keep oil prices low for our valued RI customers, the oil market can be volatile and unpredictable. Signing up for a heating oil payment plan will keep your fuel prices predictable, allowing you to budget for heating along with your other monthly payments.

What if I use more fuel oil than predicted?

If you need more oil than our technology projected, you’ll simply be billed at the daily cash rate on the day of your deliveries. Don’t forget—to check daily rates, just give us a call. Our office staff will be more than pleased to speak with you.

What if I use less fuel oil than predicted?

We’ll be pleased to automatically credit any surplus balance right back to your account. You can use it toward your next heating service appointment or apply it to the following year’s heating oil payment plan and be ahead of the game.

How do I sign up for an oil budget plan?

All you have to do is contact Micheletti Oil and request to join! While you can enroll at any time of year, we recommend June as the perfect starting point. That way, you can enjoy preseason pricing and take care of your oil bills before the first cold day of fall.



Do you have a question about our heating oil payment plans, oil delivery, heating service, or anything else? Give our office a call today at (401) 946-5055.