Rhode Island’s Top Choice for Heating Oil Delivery

Micheletti Oil Service’s top priority is keeping your family and home safe. To accomplish our goal, we employ a team of qualified and highly trained heating oil delivery drivers. You can count on them to deliver high-quality heating oil delivery service to your Rhode Island home.

We offer two types of oil delivery for you to choose from.


Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

For customers who would like Micheletti Oil to monitor your fuel levels, we recommend signing up for automatic oil delivery. We will monitor your tank levels and ensure that you always have oil in your tank. Automatic delivery is free of charge to Micheletti Oil heating oil delivery customers.



COD Heating Oil Delivery

If you prefer to monitor your own fuel levels using your oil tank gauge, you can benefit from will-call orders and COD discounts. Simply place your convenient online heating oil order by the time your tank reaches 1/4th capacity, and our dedicated technicians will deliver your oil order promptly.



Fuel Assistance

Micheletti Oil is proud to be a Rhode Island heating assistance vendor. We are happy to support customers in our service area that qualify for state heating assistance programs. Call (401) 946-5055 or contact us to learn more.