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At Micheletti Oil Service, we pride ourselves on the quality of our heating oil, the dependability of our fuel delivery and HVAC repairs, and our top-notch heating oil system maintenance!

Rhode Island’s weather demonstrates just how important it is to have a fuel delivery and HVAC service company that you can depend on all year long. Get started with Micheletti today if you’re looking for a new full-service energy provider in the Glocester, RI area.

Micheletti Oil Service: Your Local Heating Oil Experts

At Micheletti, we’re proud to deliver premium home comfort fuels like home heating oil, along with top-notch HVAC service, budget plans, and more. The list goes on and on, which helps us to keep all our Glocester, RI residents safe and happy throughout every season.

If you’re in the market for a new HVAC service provider or fuel delivery company and you live within our service range, Micheletti is the place for you! Join our family!

Heating Service & Customer Care in Glocester, RI

Rhode Island homeowners know that having a reliable HVAC service company nearby is important during any season of the year. As a customer of ours, you can leave your complete Glocester, RI heating and fueling needs to the experts at Micheletti.

  • Installs, Repairs & Service of Oil Heating Systems
  • Budget Plans & Seasonal Discounts
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Convenient Online Ordering System
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

If you are experiencing an HVAC or fuel emergency, please give us a call. We will respond immediately.


Glocester, Rhode Island Heating Oil Delivery Customization

If you use heating oil as your primary home heating source in Northern RI, Micheletti offers convenient options for your heating oil delivery payments.

  • Price per Gallon Discounts
  • Prompt Fuel Delivery
  • Dependable HVAC Service
  • Will-Call Fuel Delivery
  • Budget Plans
  • Residential Services

Choose the oil fuel delivery option or payment plan that is best for your Glocester, RI home and family’s comfort and financial preferences!


Heating Oil Budget Plan Q&A for Glocester, RI

We offer a heating oil budget plan to give you control over your heating bills. Instead of paying for your fuel in one large sum over the winter, our plan allows you to distribute your bills throughout the year. Keep reading for details, or give us a call to sign up.

Q: How does an oil budget plan work?

A: Our technology will predict your annual heating oil gallon usage for the year, then divide the cost by 12. Our budget plan usually runs from June to the following June. You are billed for one installment a month, preventing increased winter bills.

Q: How can I sign up for an oil budget plan?

A: All you have to do is contact Micheletti and let us know! While you can enroll at any time, June is the perfect starting point. It will allow you to take care of everything before the winter arrives.

Q: Why sign up for an oil budget plan in Glocester, RI?

A: While we always do our best to keep oil prices low for Glocester, RI customers, the oil market can and unpredictable. Signing up for a budget plan will keep fuel prices predictable, helping you to budget for heating along with other monthly expenses.

Q: What if I use less oil than I bought?

A: Any extra balance will be credited back to your account. You can use it toward your next heating service appointment or apply it to the following year’s budget plan.

Q: What if I use more oil than I bought?

A: In this case, you’ll simply be billed at the daily rate on the days of your deliveries. Don’t forget—to check daily rates, just call.

Ready to enroll in a heating oil budget plan for your Glocester, RI home today? Get in touch!


Our Glocester, RI Heating Oil Service Area

At Micheletti, we are proud to deliver quality heating oil and home comfort services to towns in Northern RI. If you live in a town below, contact us to request service or book a heating fuel oil delivery! We provide fuel oil and service to the following areas around Providence, RI:

Interested in becoming a customer, but don’t see your location on the list? Feel free to contact us: we can occasionally deliver service to areas outside our typical range.

Save Money with Micheletti’s Budget Plans & HVAC Savings in Glocester, RI

At Micheletti, we care about you and your Rhode Island home comfort. When you’re a customer of Micheletti, you can find excellent savings opportunities to help you budget your heating oil and HVAC bills. We offer these following products to assist with your bills:

  • Price Quotes
  • Cost Transparency
  • Energy Conservation
  • Budget Plans

Want to take advantage of these savings opportunities in Glocester, RI? Reach out online to Micheletti Oil Service and find out how much you can reduce your RI heating, fueling, and home comfort costs.

Heating Oil Delivery in Glocester, RI

Micheletti Oil Service delivers environmentally friendly heating fuel oil to residents of RI at an affordable rate. We also offer personalized oil delivery, payment and budget plan, and amazing customer service.

Have a question about heating with heating oil in or near Glocester, RI? Send us a message online, follow us on Facebook, or simply give us a call; we’ll be in touch!