Top Signs Your Rhode Island Heating System Might Need to Be Replaced

December 12, 2022

If you live in Rhode Island, then you know how important it is for your heating system to function reliably and efficiently. If you can’t depend on your heating system to keep your home warm in winter, then you could have a serious problem once the snow starts falling. That’s why the team at Micheletti Oil put together this helpful guide to illustrate signs that your heating system may need to be replaced. Keep reading to learn what to watch out for, and help ensure that your house will be comfortable and safe during the cold months.

What Are the Top 8 Signs Your Heating System Needs to Be Replaced?

  • The age of your heating system is the first thing that you should check. Most homeowners have a heating system that was already in place when they moved into their home, which means it could potentially be at the end of its lifespan. Finding the owner’s manual or looking up the system’s model number (located on the system itself) can help.
  • Are you noticing that your energy bills are rising, without you actively using more energy? This could be a sign that your heating system is running less efficiently.
  • If you’re seeing more dust, soot, dirt, rust, or dander build up in your home while your heating system is on, that’s a sign to install a new one.
  • Have you noticed that the air within your home is excessively dry? This can potentially cause damage to things like wooden floors, and your aging heating system could be to blame.
  • Are rooms in your home heating unevenly? Have you noticed a room isn’t heated at all? Your heating system may be having trouble pushing heat throughout your home.
  • If your heating system is running louder than normal or making strange noises—such as rattles, buzzes, or hums—it probably has structural issues and should be replaced.
  • Take a look at your heating system. If you see any signs of rust or cracking in or around it, it’s a sign that it should be replaced.
  • Finally, look back at your repair bills. How many times have you needed to call a local HVAC service company to repair your heating system within the last two years? If you’re calling for more than just annual tune-ups, it may be time to replace your heating system.

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Do You Need a New Heating System in Rhode Island?

If you’ve read through the guide above and realized it’s time for a new heating system, Micheletti Oil can help! We offer high-efficiency heating oil furnace or boiler installations, as well as natural gas heating equipment. On top of that, we’ll treat you like family while helping you protect your home, your family, and your wallet. Schedule an installation today and discover what it means to be a Micheletti Oil customer.